Vacuum pumps 真空幫浦 (updated: 02/06/2014)

The vacuum pump system is connected with the space plasma simulation chamber through windows. The system includes an ionization gauge to monitor the pressure inside the chamber. For testing the rocket-based and satellite-based payloads inside the chamber, it is necessary to prevent containment (especially oil) from vacuum pump system. To reduce the complexity of operation, the vacuum pump system can provide automatic operation in the future. The vacuum pump system can reduce pressure inside the chamber from 1 atm. to 10-6 torr within 8 hours and maintain the low-pressure condition for a long time.

Direct-drive oil sealed rotary vacuum pump
Manufacturer Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum
Function Pumping chamber into low vacuum state
Input voltage AC 200/380V, 60Hz, 3-phase 1100W
Dimension 655 mm D x 235 mm W x 350 mm H
Weight 65 kg
Pumping speed 750/900 L/min (45/54 m3/hour)
Ultimate pressure 4 x 10-4 mbar = 4 x 10-2 Pa
Noise 58/60 dB (A)
Inlet pipe diameter DN-40KF
Pump oil LVO 108
Oil capacity 3.5/2.8 L Max/Min (LVO 108)

Compound molecular pump
Manufacturer Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum
Function Pumping chamber into high vacuum state
Power Drive 3, 50 V, 20A, 600 Hz
Dimension 285 mm D x 285 mm W x 306 mm H
Weight 32 kg
Connecting flange high-vacuum DN 200 ISO-F
Connecting flange fore-vacuum DN 40 ISO-KF
Cooling Water cooled, 120-350 L/h, 2-7 bar, 10 to 30 oC
Pumping speed 1,100 L/s for N2
1,050 L/s for Ar
1,100 L/s for He
920 L/s for H2
Ultimate pressure 1 x 10-8 mbar = 1 x 10-6 Pa (7.5 x 10-9 torr)
Rotation speed 36,000 rpm
Run-up time 6 minutes
Maximum foreline pressure 2 mbar (1.5 torr)

Pirani vacuum gauge
Manufacturer ULVAC, Inc.
Model GP-1GRY
Function Measuring chamber pressure under low vacuum state
Input voltage AC 85 ~ 250V, 10 VA (125 V, 10A power requirement)
Dimension 140 mm D x 90 mm W x 100 mm H for power supply
111 mm D x 100 mm W x 100 mm H for A-type meter
Weight 1 kg for control box, 0.44 kg for meter and 0.035 kg for GP-H (detection unit)
Sensors WP-01~03, 16 (GP-H)
WP-04, 05 (GP-BH with clamp)
WPB-10 (GP-BH with cable)
Pressure range 0.4 ~ 2,700 Pa

Pneumatic valve for turbo pump
Manufacturer BCV

Clamp valve of automatic leak type
Manufacturer DIAVAC Limited
Model LCLV-40
Function Automatic leak valve is co-related to startup and stop of rotary pump. At pump stopping , reversed flow of oil from pump side to pumping system side is prevented, and leak is done at pump side.
Weight 2.8 kg
Nominal diameter CCF-40 (40mm)
Conductance 45L/s
Leak volume at body seal part 10-10 Pa m3 /s
Life cycle 10K cycles (at room temperature)
Service voltage AC200, 50/60Hz or AC220, 60Hz, 6/4.2W