Welcome to Space Payload Laboratory 歡迎光臨太空酬載實驗室

Space Payload Laboratory (SPL) was established as common facilities in Department of Space Science and Engineering, National Central University (NCU) since 2006. It was mainly funded to advance Space Science Technology and Astronomy under a plan by NCU to develop first-class universities and top-level research centers from MOE, Taiwan. In 2018 and 2023, it was further selected as one of the featured centers among Taiwan universities to establish Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering (CAPE) next five years.

在國立中央大學太空科學研究所(現為太空科學與工程學系)葉惠卿前所長的協助下,於 2006 年設置太空酬載實驗室。2018 年獲得教育部高等教育深耕計畫-特色領域研究中心經費全額補助,在五年內建構太空科學與科技研究中心,提升太空(系)所的教學與研究設施,增進我國太空產業與科技能力。在 2023 年再度獲得特色領域研究中心全校最高補助,可強化與國內太空產業共同合作。

The SPL provided Taiwan's space community fundamental infrastructures for payloads in designs, analysis, fabrications, and tests. In the 1st 5 years, scientific missions were carried on sounding rockets. In the 2nd 5 years, we focused on designing/fabricating science payloads for satellites to provide products and test services. In the 3rd 5 years, we dedicated on science payload operation and established CAPE and SSE. In the 4th 5 years, we stepped into assembly, integration, and test of CubeSats and completed a standalone mission by ourselves.


Space educations are our main obligations. We will continue to provide opportunities for students to participate space explorations via science missions like sounding rockets, satellites, and deep space probes. Anyone interested in space is welcome to apply to Department of Space Science and Engineering and join our ranks.