Facilities 公用設施 (updated: 03/03/2022)

The SPL provides the following pay-as-you-go facilities to design, analyze, fabricate, calibrate, and test space payloads in one stop. To learn the details, please take the 3-credit elective courses, Introduction to Space Payload (AP1011 for undergraduate) or Calibration and Test for Space Instrument (SS7017 and SS7018 for graduate).


  • Fabrications: LPKF Laser & Electronics AG’s solutions are provided in-house PCB fabrication and SMD assembling processes. Not only a single-board PCB for through-hole devices, a multilayer PCB for SMD can also be finished. Mechanical structuring to build sensor's mechanical structure.

    製作設備: 在實驗室內可進行(多層)電路板快速原型製作與表面接著裝置的組裝、探測器的機構組裝等。

  • Functional tests: These are plasma injection test, electric propulsion test, star tracker testbed, 3-axis rotation testbed, RF test platform, etc.

    功能測試: 建構太空酬載與衛星次系統所需之功能測試,包含電漿施放測試、電推進測試、星象儀測試平台、三軸旋轉測試平台、無線電測試平台等。

  • Environmental tests: fundamental environmental tests are provided for comprehensive tests during/after payload fabrication. These are temperature cycling test, thermal vacuum test, vibration test, etc.

    環境測試: 目前已建構太空酬載所需的各項環境測試,包含溫度循環測試、熱真空測試、振動測試等。

  • UHF ground station
  • Operational facilities: UHF telemetry ground station, K/Ka-band user terminal, K/Ka-band gateway, etc.


  • Infrastructure: the lab provides complete infrastructure to design and develop space payload, i.e. development tools for measurement, control, data acquisition, digital signal processing, computers, network, software for mechanical and circuit design, others, etc.

    基礎設施: 實驗室提供完整的基礎設施來設計與開發太空酬載。包含有開發工具、電腦與周邊設施、網路、軟體、其他設備等。