Missions 科學任務 (updated: 08/16/2018)

We have participated the following NARL/NSPO programs and missions on sounding rockets, artificial satellites, and CubeSat (arranged according to launch time) for science payloads in design, analysis, fabrication, and tests and rewarded science data from data analysis.


  • ROCSAT-1/Ionospheric Plasma and Electrodynamics Instrument (IPEI) Science Data Distribution Center (SDDC) 中華衛星一號/電離層電漿電動儀科學資料分送中心資料分析, NARL/NSPO, 01/1999 - 06/2004: SPL has a heritage of ROCSAT-1 IPEI/SDDC and has archived all IPEI raw data and orbital/attitude information. All levels of IPEI data are available in SPL.

  • Sounding Rocket V/Ion Probe 探空五號火箭/離子探測科學酬載, NARL/NSPO, 01/18/2006 19:48 CST

  • Sounding Rocket VII/Plasma Probe 探空七號火箭/電漿探測科學酬載, NARL/NSPO, 05/05/2010 19:50 CST

  • Sounding Rocket VIII/ASM 探空號火箭/姿態量測儀制式模組, NSC, 06/05/2013 15:00 CST

  • Sounding Rocket IX/Space Plasma Sensor Package & ASM 探空九號火箭/太空電漿量測儀科學酬載, NARL/NSPO姿態量測儀制式模組, NSC, 03/26/2014 21:34 CST

  • Sounding Rocket X/ASM 探空號火箭/數位姿態量測儀制式模組, NSC, 10/07/2014 11:10 CST

We are on-going the following projects / missions 我們正在進行以下之計畫與任務:

    FS-5 TVT
  • FORMOSAT-5/Advanced Ionospheric Probe (AIP) 福爾摩沙衛星五號先進電離層探測儀
    科學酬載, NARL/NSPO, 08/25/2017 02:51 CST: The AIP flight model was delivered to NSPO on 10/08/2013 and the 2nd SPEU/FM on 09/04/2014. FS-5 satellite was launched at 02:51 08/25/2017 CST. An in-orbit checkout review and final review were done on 11/17/2017. AIP mission operation is ongoing.

  • COSMIC-2.s
  • FORMOSAT-7/Ion Velocity Meter (IVM) data processing software development 福爾摩沙衛星七號離子速度儀資料處理軟體開發資料分析, NARL/NSPO: SPL has been authorized by NSPO to develop IVM data processing software in one year. The satellites will be launched in 2019Q2.

  • CIP
  • INSPIRESat-1 (International Satellite Program in Research and Education)/Compact Ionosphere Probe (CIP) 立方衛星小型電離層探測儀科學酬載, MOST & NARL/NSPO: CIP is under test.

  • CIP
  • IDEASSat (Ionospheric Dynamics Exploration and Attitude Subsystem Satellite or also called INSPIRESSat-2)/Compact Ionosphere Probe (CIP and ADCS) 立方衛星小型電離層探測儀科學酬載 姿態辨識與控制模組, MOST & NARL/NSPO: CIP is under test and STR was canceled due to no fund from MOST.

  • CIP
  • SCION (SCintillation and IOnosphere Network)/Compact Ionosphere Probe (CIP) 立方衛星小型電離層探測儀科學酬載, MOE: CIP is under test.

  • CIP
  • HSR (Multi-functional Hybrid Sounding Rocket)/Ionosphere Scintillation Package (ISP) 多功能型混合式探空火箭/電離層閃爍儀任務酬載, NARL/NSPO: The ISP includes CIP, STR, and ASM is under test. The rocket will be launched in 2019Q4.