Vacuum chamber 真空艙體 (updated: 03/10/2011)

The inner dimension of space plasma simulation chamber can contain and install most of rocket-based and satellite-based payloads. A stand is provided to strongly support the chamber and to ease for operation. The chamber has two main doors. One door is used to install plasma source. The other door with a window is used to open the chamber and assist to install test payloads. The top, bottom, right and left sides of the chamber body has several openings to install vacuum pump system, instruments, electrical circuits, transparency windows, etc. There are also several gauge ports on the chamber body to install gauge meters. To prevent from magnetic interference, the chamber is made by non-magnetic stainless steel (SUS-304).

Vacuum chamber
Asia Industrial Co., Ltd.
Function Maintaining vacuum status
Inner diameter 700 mm
Inner length 1500 mm
Dimension 1800 mm D x 1200 mm W x 1700 mm H
Weight ~ 600 kg
Material SUS304 stainless steel for chamber body and cast iron for the stand
Doors 850 mm in diameter, 2 pieces
Openings 10 inch (VG250), 1 (door)
6 inch (VG150), 12(side) and 1 (door)
2 inch (VG50), 2 (door)
Gauge ports 15 mm, 3 pieces (top)
6 mm, 5 pieces (door)
Flanges 10 inch (VF250) blank flanges, SUS304, 1 piece
6 inch (VF150) blank flanges, Acryl, 13 pieces
6 inch (VF150) blank flanges, SUS304, 6 pieces
6 inch (VF150) 10 BNC connectors flanges, SUS304, 2 pieces
6 inch (VF150) flange with 2 Swagelok connectors for high pressure gas feedthroughs, SUS304, 1 piece
6 inch (VF150) flange with 4 Swagelok connectors for optical fiber feedthroughs, SUS304, 1 piece
2 inch (VF50) blank flange, Acryl, 2 pieces
2 inch (VF50) 15-pin D-sub flange, SUS304, 1 piece
2 inch (VF50) 9-pin D-sub flange, SUS304, 1 piece
Platform Minimum: 440 mm
Maximum: 540 mm
Plasma device Backward diffusion plasma source, 2 pieces
Plasma source current control box
10 inch (VF250) plasma device container, 2 pieces
Gas filling Vacuum valve NW25, 2 pieces
Needle valve SS-SS4-VH, 2 pieces
SUS304 tube ¼ inch, 2 pieces