Infrastructure 基礎設施 (updated: 02/14/2018)

  • Development tools: Five sets of NI ELVIS™, NI ELVIS™ II+, NI Single-Board RIO, Xilinx Spartran-3AN FPGA starter kits, and Xilinx CoolRunner-II CPLD starter kits and ten sets of NI myRIO and Digilent ZYBO Zynq™-7000 development boards were used to lecture data acquisition, circuit design, and embedded system in a hands-on style. Three sets of NI PXI were used to develop space payloads, 2 portable NI USB DAQ to measure signals in field, 2 NI USB OEM for developing I2C/SPI interface, a NI CompactDAQ to measure parameters in environmental tests, and 6 sets of NI CompactRIO to develop and deploy measurement system. Bench-top equipments can monitor/calibrate the electric circuits of the payload.

    開發工具: 包含國家儀器公司所生產之設計與原型製作的實機操作平台、嵌入式系統、量測儀器,與賽靈思公司所生產的數位邏輯裝置開發套件等。

  • Computers and peripherals: Two Mac mini Servers provides internet services for SPL and AIP. Seven iMac are used to design circuits with NI ELVIS and Single-Board RIOs. Ten Dell PC desktops are used to monitor the SPSC, control the PCB fabrications, design and simulate 3D models, and control NI ELVIS II+. Two ASUS PC desktops and two ASUS notebooks are used for computing and measurement. Ten ASUS PC notebooks are used for students participating science mission training. The peripherals are used to support the operations of these computers.

    電腦與周邊設施: 包含伺服器、設計酬載和控制儀器之電腦、投影機、雷射印表機等。

  • Network: the lab provides both wired (10/100/1000 Megabit ethernet) and wireless (802.11a/b/g/n) network connection to the Internet.

    網路架構: 實驗室目前提供有線與無線網路可連通網際網路。

  • Software: Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt and Graphite, Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Education Edition, Intel Composer XE for Windows, MSC Software Academic FEA Bundle,
    MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink, NI LabVIEW Department Teaching License(Core Software, Control Design and Embedded Systems Software Components, Circuits Design and Simulation Software Option,
    and Signal Processing and Communications Option Components), NI Circuit Design Suites bundled with ELVIS and one Power Pro, Xilinx Vivado Design Suite: System Edition, University License 25 Licenses, AGI STK Pro and EAP, etc.

    軟體: 包含二維與三維機械電腦輔助設計與分析軟體,程式語言編輯軟體,計算與繪圖軟體,國家儀器公司的 LabVIEW 完整系所版(包含有核心軟體、控制設計與嵌入式系統、電路設計套件、訊號處理與通訊等),晶片設計軟體等。

  • Others: Basic facilities to maintain environmental conditions with air conditioners, dehumidifiers, an air cleaner, a refrigerator, dry boxes, a hood, an ultra-pure water system, a clean booth with a clean bench, etc.

    其他設施: 維持實驗室環境所需之輔助設備。