Fabrications 製作設備 (updated: 09/28/2021)

We have installed the following equipments for rapid PCB prototyping and mechanical structuring of space payloads.

  • Rapid PCB prototyping 快速電路原型製作: The Rapid Prototyping method turns a sheer idea into a sample circuit board, which is ultimately used to manufacture the new product. The CAD software prepares the specific layout data for the circuit board prototypes. The sample allows quick advances in project development, and even small batches can be produced using the Rapid Prototyping method. The remaining process steps in in house PCB prototyping quickly produce a functional circuit board.

  • Mechanical structuring 機構製作設備: A 4th-axis CNC milling machine DATRON NEO+, a 3D printer Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K, a drilling machine, a micro-joining equipment, etc.

  • Others 其他設施: soldering guns, a heat gun, label printer, an UV lamp, etc.