Environmental tests 環境測試 (updated: 12/07/2018)

The environmental test facilities in the SPL are not used to provide certificates. To meet requirements of quality assurance, parts, materials, and processes in designs and fabrications are evaluated by trial and error, not by a theoretical model. Eventually the payloads are required for space agencies to perform well-conditioned tests. Three fundamental environmental tests were implemented as follows:

  • Temperature Cycling Test (TCT): A temperature source can be combined with a suitable thermal chamber (a thermal cap for a small DUT but with rapid cycling or a portable front-load chamber for a big DUT but with slow cycling) to perform temperature cycling test in an optimal condition.


  • Thermal Vacuum Test (TVT, restricted access): Due to limited funding, the test was constructed with the Space Plasma Simulation Chamber first. Fortunately, we received a vacuum chamber donated by Prof. Minami, Osaka City University, to assist space science development in Taiwan and used for thermal vacuum test. Two chambers are capable to perform different temperature cycles in parallel.


  • Vibration Test (VT): The facility can perform sine vibration and random vibration test according to the specification defined for test article.