NI USB DAQ (updated: 02/17/2013)

National Instruments provides a wide range of multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) devices for USB, from basic, low-cost devices to high-performance devices with simultaneous sampling. NI X Series and M Series multifunction DAQ devices include patented NI Signal Streaming technology, which allows high-speed, bidirectional data transfers over USB.

NI USB-6008

The National Instruments USB-6008 provides basic data acquisition functionality for applications such as simple data logging, portable measurements, and academic lab experiments. It is affordable for student use, but powerful enough for more sophisticated measurement applications. Use the NI USB-6008 with the included ready-to-run data logger software to begin taking basic measurements in minutes, or program it using LabVIEW or C and the included NI-DAQmx Base measurement services software for a custom measurement system.

Device USB M-Series DAQ device
Manufacturer National Instruments Corp.
Functions NI USB-6008, Low-cost Multifunction DAQ
8 analog inputs (12-bit, 10 kS/s)
2 analog outputs (12-bit, 150 S/s)
12 digital I/O, 32-bit counter
Bus-powered for high mobility, built-in signal connectivity.


The National Instruments USB-6229 BNC is a USB high-performance M Series multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) module optimized for superior accuracy at fast sampling rates. The NI USB-6229 BNC is ideal for applications such as data-logging and benchtop sensor measurments. It provides 16 analog input, 4 analog output, 8 DIO and 2 user defined BNC terminals. A portable device to make data acquisition in the field. The device provides 16 AIs (16 bits, 250 KSps), 4 AOs (16 bits, 833 KSps), and 48 digital I/O (TTL/CMOS signal, 32, up to 1 MHz).

Device USB M-Series DAQ device
Manufacturer National Instruments Corp.
Functions NI USB-6229 (16 Differential Analog Input, 250 kS/s) M Series Multifunction DAQ Device, BNC Term, U.S. (120 V), NI-DAQmx driver software and Signal Express LE
Accessories 4 x BNC Male (plug) to BNC Male (plug) cables,1m, 4 pack of 183882-01

NI USB-8452

The NI USB-8452 is an interface for connecting to and communicating with I2C and SPI devices. With plug-and-play USB connectivity, the USB-8452 is a bus-powered, portable solution to communicate with consumer electronics and integrated circuits. It also includes eight general-purpose digital I/O lines for a variety of applications, such as configuring the address of I2C devices, toggling LEDs, or strobing Convert and Data Ready lines common to analog converter chips. You can physically place the USB-8452 more closely than PCI interfaces to I2C/SPI devices, which reduces I2C bus length and minimizes noise problems. Additionally, the interface provides +5 V and GND to power circuits up to 20 mA with no external power supply. The I/O lines and Vref pins feature configurable voltage levels, ranging from 1.2 V to 3.3 V.

Device USB interface device
Manufacturer National Instruments Corp.
Functions NI USB-8452, I2C/SPI interface