NI ELVIS (updated: 03/31/2008)

Five sets of NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (ELVIS™) were used to let students be familiar with data acquisition and circuit design in practice. To meet the requirements, we purchase a higher price bundle (NI ELVIS/USB-6251 Multisim Circuit Design Bundle) with the following items:

  • Hardware

    • NI ELVIS benchtop workstation
    • NI ELVIS prototyping board
    • NI USB M series with mass termination device
    • NI USB M series device power cord
    • USB cable
    • 68-pin E/M series cable
    • NI ELVIS AC-DC power supply

  • Software

    • NI LabVIEW™ 8.20 8.5 8.5.1 8.6
    • NI ELVIS™ 3.0.1 3.0.2
    • NI Multisim™ 10.0

NI ELVIS II+ (updated: 07/21/2012)

For providing a better learning environment to students, five sets of NI ELVIS II+ were installed in Learning Facilities of SPL.
  • NI ELVIS II workstation with 100 MS/s oscilloscope option
  • USB cable

NI ELVIS III (updated: 03/31/2020)

Ten sets of NI ELVIS III were procured for electronic shop of Department of Space Science and Engineering, NCU.