2018 (updated: 01/01/2019)

The 13rd year: Startup space science and technology research center 啟動太空科學與科技研究中心。

  • Provide FORMOSAT-5/AIP data service: AIP SDC has been activated for mission operation in the following two years. Preliminary data will be provided at the end of 2018 and final data shall be ready at the end of 2019.


  • Execute MOE top-level center project for Space Science and Technology Research Center: The proposal, Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering (CAPE) project, was awarded by MOE in the 1st round and acknowledged by NCU. It was formally announced by MOE on 02/13/2018.


  • datron-neo
  • Purchase a 4-axis CNC machine: In-house fabrication of mechanical structure is an important step for SPL to finish all manufacturing work for payloads and CubeSats in one place. The first product is mechanical structure parts of Ionosphere Scintillation Package (ISP) for multi-functional hybrid sounding rocket.

    添購 DATRON NEO 電腦數值控制工具機,開始製作科學酬載與立方衛星本體機構件。