2010 (updated: 06/08/2011)

The 5th year: RF system and vibration test facility. 添購射頻模組與振動測試設備。

  • RF system: a RF transmitter and vector signal analyzer are required to assist the impedance probe measurement onboard the future Sounding Rocket IX mission. It can also be used to explore Ionosphere act as a VHF receiver for scintillation and a digisonde.

    射頻量測模組: 配合探空九號電漿阻抗量測儀之需求,添購射頻量測模組來協助其酬載的校正與測試之用。同時將有助於開發遙測功能型的酬載。

  • Launch Sounding Rocket VII: the sounding rocket was successfully launched on 5/5/2010. A thin sporadic E layer was detected by normal-directed and tilt-directed ion probes during the down-leg path.

    完成探空七號科學任務,順利偵測到電漿不規則體,並於 8/27/2010 進行結案報告。

  • Procure vibration test facility: It is crucial to have a vibration test facility in developing sounding rocket-based payloads. Finally, there are some left-over fund available to SPL. It is possible to complete all the environmental test facilities now.

    振動測試設備: 為了發展完整的太空環境測試系統,添購探空火箭與衛星酬載所需之振動測試設備。