2007 (updated: 01/09/2008)

The 2nd year: SPSC and monitoring system. 組裝太空電漿模擬艙與監控設施。

  • Install space plasma simulation chamber: The chamber was shipped from Japan to space payload laboratory in March. All systems (vacuum and plasma sources) were installed in April. The chamber was tested with plasma release in May. In June we invited NSPO and CSIST to join an opening ceremony of the chamber and hold a mini workshop about vacuum chamber application in space. Currently, the chamber works normally and could accept for tests from now on.

    安裝與啓用太空電漿模擬艙: 太空電漿模擬艙於三月從日本運至太空酬載實驗室。四月完成安裝真空系統與電漿源系統。五月時進行模擬艙檢測。六月邀請國家太空中心與中山科學研究院參加太空電漿模擬艙的啟用儀式與研討會。目前太空電漿模擬艙正常運作,可接受國內外使用申請。

  • Build monitoring system of space plasma simulation chamber: A monitoring system is required to watch out the status and characteristics of chamber. The monitoring parameters are like pressure, pump status/control, output voltage and current of plasma source, etc. We chose LabVIEW and PXI system from National Instruments as the development tools and has finished a prototype. It was demonstrated during the 2nd evaluation of 5500 project by MoE.

    太空電漿模擬艙監控與資料擷取系統: 我們需要一套系統可長期監控太空電漿模擬艙之狀態與特性,包含有太空電漿模擬艙內的壓力,幫浦狀態和控制,與電漿源電壓和電流輸出等參數。 我們自行規劃太空電漿模擬艙監控與資料擷取所需之開發工具與設備,開發適合於太空電漿模擬艙所需之監控系統。

  • Perform test and calibration of ion probe onboard Sounding Rocket VII: The ion payload on Sounding Rocket VII is scheduled to be finished in September and will be tested and calibrated inside space plasma simulation chamber. The test and calibration results will ensure the accuracy of the probes in the future.