2017 (updated: 11/28/2017)

The 12th year: Launch FORMOSAT-5 satellite 發射福爾摩沙衛星五號.

  • Start a 3U CubeSat mission: CIP and STR were selected as science payloads for the CubeSat mission.

    向國家太空中心申請 3U 立方衛星計畫(Ionospheric Dynamics Exploration and Attitude Subsystem Satellite, IDEASSat)。

  • ISP
  • Start a science payload mission onboard a multi-functional hybrid sounding rocket: We have organized CIP and STR as a science payload for sounding rocket programs conducted by NSPO.

    向國家太空中心申請多功能混合式探空火箭任務酬載計畫(Ionosphere Scintillation Package, ISP)。

  • FS-5 TVT
  • Participate FORMOSAT-5 satellite launch event: In addition to lead senior high school students to participate FORMOSAT-5 science mission, AIP is operating for its science mission. Finally we got TRL 9 on science payload.