2013 (updated: 10/21/2013)

The 8th year: UV plasma device and clean booth 建造紫外光電漿產生系統與潔淨設施。

  • Purchase a UV plasma device: It is useful to simulate chemical reactions in Ionospheric D and E region with UV ionizing neutral gases. Meanwhile, the UV device can be used to evaluate the photo-electrical effect on plasma payload. When the sun shining on the surface of payload and vehicle, the electrons would escape from metal surface and produce uncertain collector current and perturbation on floating potential. To improve the precision of plasma measurement, it is necessary to build the UV ionization device.

    安裝紫外光電漿產生系統: 利用紫外光產生與電離層D層與E層相類似之電漿成分與特性。同時紫外光系統可用以評估光電效應對酬載之影響,可觀察收集器上的電流量測不穩定與浮動電位的擾動。

  • Clean booth with clean bench for payload: In fabricating space payload, it is necessary to have a clean booth to maintain a dust-less environment. The clean booth has a cleanliness level of Class 10,000 and the clean bench Class 1,000. An ultra-dry box with filling N2 gas capability is also installed inside the clean booth. To prevent from out of conscious, a gas detector is used to monitor depletion of O2 gas.


  • Verification of Aspectmeter (ASM) onboard Sounding Rocket VIII: The ASM has been delivered to CSIST last February, thermal cycling test last May, vibration test last July, and was launch on June 5. The ASM works as expected to indicate attitude of the rocket.


  • Deliver AIP/FM for FORMOSAT-5 satellite to NSPO: The first PAR meeting for the AIP/FM was hold on 9/12/2013. However, EMC and burn-in tests was asked to finish. After the delta PAR meeting on 10/8/2013, the AIP/FM was finally accepted by NSPO.