2014 (updated: 11/29/2014)

The 9th year: TVT service and facility upgrade 熱真空測試服務與系統升級。

  • Enhance performance of thermal vacuum chamber: a new thermal source is equipped with the TVC to extend temperature range (-90℃ to +100℃) and support higher thermal load (~150 W at -80℃).


  • Provide thermal vacuum test service to industry: SPL successfully performs thermal vacuum test on FORMOSAT-5 FPA/EQM in a continuous operation of a pre-defined temperature cycle for CMOS Sensor Inc. and on FORMOSAT-7 FOG/EQM for NSPO before the end of this year.


  • Launch Sounding Rocket IX to measure ionospheric plasma irregularities over Taiwan and evaluate ASM performance: E-region plasma irregularities (Es layers) were successfully detected in the upleg path. All sensors work well and meet requirements.

    發射探空九號,進行科學任務。成功獲得台灣上空電漿參數剖面與 E 層電漿不規則體的結構。

  • Install an aspectmeter onboard Sounding Rocket X: The MEMS-based aspectmeter is a modified version used in SR-VIII and SR-IX mission. It can be used in a high spin condition and also to monitor yo-yo de-spin process of the SR-X in a real-time fashion.