2015 (updated: 12/05/2015)

The 10th year: Next science payload missions 準備下階段科學酬載任務

  • Initiate FORMOSAT-7C1 IVM Science Data Center at Taiwan: Currently, NSPO has funded Taiwan Analysis Center for COSMIC (TACC) to handle COSMIC data at CWB and cannot provide another science data center to others. However, the software development for IVM data processing is possible to be funded next year.


  • COSMIC-2.s
  • Prepare next generation AIP (Dual Advanced Ionospheric Probe, DAIP) for FORMOSAT-7C2 satellites: However, the FS-7/C2 was canceled in 2017.


  • AIP for Ionosphere Trawler.s
  • Re-model AIP for Ionosphere Trawler CubeSat.