2012 (updated: 12/16/2012)

The 7th year: Learning and envirtl. test facility 提升教學與環境測試設施。

  • Laboratory expansion: ISS provides SPL a classroom, S4-820, as Learning facilities.

    太空所提供 S4-820 教室作為太空酬載實驗室教學設施。

  • Purchase NI ELVIS II+: Five sets of NI ELVIS II+ will be purchased for courses related to space payloads. These learning equipments will be placed in S4-820 to allow students to learn and develop space payloads at SPL.

    NI ELVIS II+ 與控制電腦。

  • Pumping subsystem for thermal vacuum chamber: a mechanical rough pump, a turbo molecular high vacuum pump, valves, a low vacuum gauge, a high vacuum gauge, and meters. It was then exchanged with the one of SPSC.


  • Advanced Ionospheric Probe was awarded by NSPO to build for FORMOSAT-5 satellite.