Circuit board plotter 電路板雕刻機
(updated: 06/21/2008)

The LPKF ProtoMat S62 introduces a new era of state-of-the-art circuit board plotters for in-house rapid PCB prototyping. This compact high-speed system provides superior performance for quickly and easily manufacturing circuit board prototypes in a single day. It is an advanced and very affordable PCB plotter that includes features usually found only on much more expensive systems.

The LPKF ProtoMat S62 delivers unmatched precision with system resolution as fine as 0.25 µm (0.01 mils). As a result, the plotter can mill and drill PCBs with extremely fine traces, including RF and microwave boards. Its milling head travel speed of 150 mm (6”) per second and high-performance 62,000 RPM spindle motor makes it a premiere high-speed performer for producing quality PCBs in-house. Its motorized Z-axis drive also makes it an ideal tool for machining instrument front panels and housings, and for reworking and depanelizing bare and populated boards.

Whether the project is a two-sided board or a multilayer board, or it involves machining three-dimensional objects like front panels, the S-Series plotters are indispensable prototyping tools that deliver a finished product of the highest quality.

Setup and operation of the S-Series plotters is intuitive and easy to learn, thanks to their advanced and convenient design, comprehensive documentation and intelligent board production CAM software.

Minimum track width 0.1 mm (4 mils)
Minimum isolation width 0.1 mm (4 mils)
Minimum drill hole diameter 0.15 mm (6 mils)
Working area (X/Y/Z) 229 mm x 305 mm x 38 mm (9" x 12" x 1.5")
Resolution (X/Y) 0.25 μm (0.01 mil)
Resolution (Z) 0.5 μm (0.02 mil)
Milling motor rpm 62,000 rpm
Tool change automatic, 10 positions
Tool collet 1/8"
Drilling speed 150 holes per minute
Travel speed (max) 150 mm per second (6" per second)
X/Y positioning system 3-phase stepper motors
Z drive stepper motor
Dimensions (W/H/D) 650 mm x 510 mm x 800 mm (25.6" x 21" x 31.5")
Weight 55 kg (121 lb)
Power supply 120/240 V, 50-60 Hz/200 VA
Hardware and software specifications Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP, 700 MHz processor or higher, min. 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended), screen resolution min. 1024 x 768 pixels, USB 2.0

Accessories (updated: 11/24/2008)

CircuitView 重複定位攝影裝置: The LPKF CircuitView camera system enables the visual positioning of the circuit board plotter cutting head. This system is particularly suitable for the rework of printed circuit boards, coding and teach in functions. The set contains a black-and-white video camera and various attachments. It is available for all LPKF circuit board plotters.

Vacuum tabletop 真空吸附平台: This option holds the workpiece tightly against the work surface, eliminating any substrate irregularities such as twisting or warpage. The tabletop also prevents the board from slipping after it has been flipped for multi-sided milling or drilling.

Dust extraction 吸塵器: The LPKF dust extraction system, complete with a HEPA absolute filter, keeps the work area clean and free of debris of all sizes, from drill shavings to microscopic dust. The milling depth limiter, a precise tool, requires a dust-free surface against which to operate. The integrated AutoSwitch ensures that the dust extraction system is switched on and off automatically. This guarantees safety, increases the lifetime of the dust extraction system and reduces noise when the machine is not running. One set of vacuum cleaner bags, HEPA filter, and carbon brush was purchased.

Vacuum pressure Max. 22,500 Pascal
Air flow rate 241 m3/hr (0.140 cfm)
Power consumption 800 W (230 V) or 960 W (120 V)
Dimensions (W/H/D) 250 x 300 x 350 mm (10" x 12 " x 14")
Acoustic pressure 50 dB(A)
Absolute filter HEPA filter
Remote control Controlled by software LPKF BoardMaster

Starter sets: For use with LPKF ProtoMat S62 and vacuum table.
  • 2 x sinter backing plate white 315 x 239 x 5 mm
  • 10 x base plate FR4, 229 x 305 mm, 0/35 μm (predrilled)
  • 5 x base plate FR4, 229 x 305 mm, 35/35 μm (predrilled)
  • 5 x base plate FR4, 229 x 305 mm, 18/18 μm (predrilled)
  • 5 x fine line miling with distance ring 1/8”, 36 mm, d=0.1~0.15 mm
  • 5 x end mill (RF) with distantce ring 1/8”, 36 mm, d=0.25 mm
  • 1 x special tape
  • 3 x PCB cleaner
  • 1 x tool set 1/8” shaft with distance rings
Measuring microscope 手持式刻度顯微鏡: The LPKF measuring microscope is the ideal tool for calibrating ProtoMat isolation depths, with a built-in light, 60x magnification, and a precision metric scale.

Precision ring setter 精密刀具深度套環定位器: Use the LPKF ringsetter for autochange ProtoMat models to allow different tool use without readjusting the milling depth. Contains adjustment unit and measuring microscope. The LPKF Ringset contains: Spacer ring press and adjustment unit with measuring microscope. It enables the exact adjustment of the spacer rings and makes the use of different tools, when machining, possible without adjustment.