Science databases 科學資料庫 (updated: 02/10/2021)


  • FORMOSAT-5 AIP SDC 福爾摩沙衛五號先進電離層探測儀科學資料中心The SDC managed by SPL will be in charge of AIP operation and data processing. The level-0 science data were downloaded from FORMOSAT-5 satellite everyday. The level-1 science data were processed by SDC and were available since 2019Q2.

  • Databases from Sounding Rocket experiments 探空火箭科學與姿態資料:The science data from SR-V/IP, SR-VII/PP, and SR-IX/SPSP and attitude information from SR-V, SR-VII, SR-VIII, SR-IX, and SR-X are archived in SPL. These are available on a special request.

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  • ROCSAT-1 IPEI SDDC (The official website led by Prof. S. -Y. Su was closed for computer security reason.) 中華衛星一號電離層電漿及電動效應儀科學資料分送中心IPEI level-one data with 1-s time resolution are available in public. However, full-resolution data (32 Ni s-1 in NORMAL mode and 1,024 Ni s-1 in FAST mode) and average data/models could be available on request via SPL.