Team members of ion probe experiment

  • Prof. Chu, Y. H. (ISS and CSRSR, NCU): PI, coordinates the payload and ground radar co-incident observation.
  • Prof. Su, S. -Y. (ISS and CSRSR, NCU): co-PI, supervises the payload performance.
  • Prof. Huang, C. M. (ISS, NCU): co-PI, analyzes the radar observation.
  • Dr. Su, C. L. (ISS, NCU): payload test and radar observation.
  • Dr. Chao, C. K. (ISS, NCU): payload conceptual design, test, and data analysis.
  • Prof. Minami, Shigeyuki (Dept. of EE, OCU): payload design and fabrication.
    • Mr. Kida, Kyohei (Dept. of EE, OCU): payload test and calibration.


The ion probe payload onboard the Sounding Rocket V is sponsored by National Space Organization, National Applied Research Laboratories, Taiwan.


The ion probe is fabricated under Professor Minami, Shigeyuki, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Osaka City University, Japan and has plasma injection test done by his student, Mr. Kida.

We also thank people in Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST), Armaments Bureau, M.N.D. to assist us all the tests.