Researches 研究主題 (updated: 10/23/2022)

  • Space mission 太空任務

    • PEARL 珍珠號立方衛星 : communication experiment with ground stations and for inter-satellite link.

  • Science payload 科學酬載

    • Instrumental plasma physics 量測電漿儀器物理 : modeling sensor response to plasma with computer simulation, developing advanced payloads, etc.

    • Science payload missions 科學酬載任務 : designing, fabricating, testing, and operating science payloads, AIP for FORMOSAT-5 satellite, CIP for IDEASSat, INSPIRESat-1, PEARL, SCION-X, LVM or OSE-LL1, etc.

  • Environmental tests 環境測試

    • Space plasma simulation chamber 太空電漿模擬艙 : performing plasma injection test to plasma sensor for space application.

    • Thermal vacuum chamber 熱真空艙 : performing thermal vacuum test on components or devices.

  • Ionospheric physics 電離層物理

    • Global low- and mid-latitude topside ionosphere 全球中低緯度頂部電離層 : analyzing with ROCSAT-1/IPEI data, refining data processing of ROCSAT-1/IPEI, and modeling with SAMI2/SUPIM, etc.

    • Plasma irregularities over Taiwan 台灣上空電漿不規則體 : exploring with ion probe onboard Sounding Rocket V, plasma probe onboard Sounding Rocket VII, and space plasma sensor package onboard Sounding Rocket IX, solving the attitude problem with help of lab simulation, etc.