FORMOSAT-7/IVM Science Data Processing

FORMOSAT-7‭ ‬Ion Velocity Meter (IVM) data processing program is proposed by National Central University (NCU) for a contract NSPO-S-105036 required by National Space Organization (NSPO). NCU has participated data processing of FORMOSAT-1/IPEI (Ionospheric Plasma and Electrodynamics Instrument) for a long time and fabrication of FORMOSAT-5/AIP (Advanced Ionospheric Probe). It is noted that both the IPEI and the IVM are made by The University of Texas at Dallas and consist of an ion drift meter (IDM) and a retarding potential analyzer (RPA). The developed program can convert raw electrical current data to ionospheric ion concentrations, ion velocity in instrument coordinate, and ion temperature if sufficient documents and calibration data are provided by NSPO.