Team members of Advanced Ionospheric Probe

Mission operation (2017/12- now)

  • Prof. Chao, C. K (GISS, NCU): PI.
  • Prof. Liu, J. Y. (GISS and CSRSR, NCU): co-PI, Ionospheric seismic precursor.
  • Prof. Su, S. Y. (GISS, NCU): co-Pi, space weather.
    • Ms Liu, Wan-Yun, (GISS, NCU): administrative assistance.
    • Ms Chen, Yi-Wun, (GISS, NCU): data analysis.
    • Ms Lee, M. J., (GISS, NCU): mission operation.

Fabrication (2012/1-2017/12)

  • Prof. Huang, C. M. (GISS, NCU): PI.
  • Prof. Chu, Y. H. (GISS and CSRSR, NCU): co-PI, system management.
  • Dr. Su, C. L. (GISS, NCU): co-Pi, product assurance.
  • Prof. Chao, C. K. (GISS, NCU): co-Pi, system engineering.
  • Mr. Chu, Yen-Da, (GISS, NCU): project leader and product assurance.
  • Dr. Lin, Zai-Wun, (GISS, NCU): project leader and circuit design.
    • Ms Liu, Wan-Yun, (GISS, NCU): administrative assistance.
    • Ms Hsu, Yu-Ting, (GISS, NCU): environmental tests.
    • Ms Mao, Ya-Chih, (GISS, NCU): mechanical design.
    • Mr. Ni, Jian-Hang, (GISS, NCU): gold-plating material.
    • Mr. Jhou, Yan-Han, (GISS, NCU): RPA and ISD/EGSE.
    • Mr. Chen, Kuan-Wen, (GISS, NCU): IDM and SU.
    • Mr. Peng, Wei-Jie, (GISS, NCU): EGSE and SU.
    • Mr. Chen, Li-Heng, (GISS, NCU): EGSE.


The Advanced Ionospheric Probe onboard the FORMOSAT-5 satellite is sponsored by National Space Organization, National Applied Research Laboratories, Taiwan.